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VIDEO: Festivals of Sri Lanka: the Esala Perahera of Expertise Kandy

David’s Been This is in Sri Lanka, Kandy, taking part. Meaning the Festival of the Tooth Relic, expect packed audiences, elephants, music and amazing screens through this ten day spiritual festival. Experience this festival first hand as David shows the many parties from flame and whips dancing into music elephant parades and dancing. If you’re ….  Read More

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The Roman City of Volubilis, Morocco

The early city of Volubilis is the greatest proof of how the Romans inhabited Morocco’s lands. This Roman website, breathtaking by ruins and its own grandeur, is situated only two-hour drives in the capital of Morocco, Rabat. Next time you’re in Morocco you discover Morocco’s 2,000 years old tales, and should consider introducing Volubilis in ….  Read More

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