How to Keep Gut Health While Traveling — Tips from a World Traveler

As a traveling host who seems on-camera several times a week to flaunt the people, culture, natural beauty, history, and culinary scene of interesting places around the world, I want to feel my greatest so that I will explore these places, find out about them through discussions with natives, and share the information I’ve heard with my audiences in a way that comes across as confident, comfortable, and more enjoyable on-camera. To be able to look confident and comfortable on-screen, you have to feel confident and cozy. And that is the sense I get when I know my own body is benefiting from an excellent product that aims to support my digestive wellness.

Over the past several decades, much, if not all, of this data about probiotics is now common knowledge, and consequently, the marketplace was inundated with naturally probiotic-rich foods along with longtime favorites like peas, sauerkraut, kimchi, and other fermented foods that were rebranded to tout their digestive benefits. Beneficial bacteria have even been added to foods that do contain them like granola bars, tortilla chips, bottled smoothies, baking mixes, nuts and legumes, and some kinds of breakfast cereal. And you can’t walk the wellness aisles of the local grocery store without coming over shelves stocked with dozens of dietary supplements that promise to contain countless, and at times hundreds of billions, of probiotics.

Unfortunately, the environment of the stomach isn’t survived by many probiotics. That begs the question: Is there any merchandise available on the market today that you may depend on to maintain its probiotics alive because they travel through your digestive system? Yes, this type of commodity does exist. It is called Digestive Advantage.

The intention of the Digestive Edge line of goods is easy: they need to help people support their long-term gastrointestinal health. The products of digestive Advantage also cater to individuals who have digestive demands. Their extensive variety of probiotic products includes capsules and gummies that include.

But the thing that makes Digestive Advantage products stick out among foods along with other probiotic supplement brands is that their germs that are beneficial are encased in a protein shell that is natural. This protein casing is the key to the effectiveness of Digestive Advantage’s products, as it survives the harsh, acidic environment. In actuality, Digestive Advantage probiotics endure 100 times better than other probiotics due to this shell.

How to Keep Gut Health While Traveling -- Tips from a World Traveler

But how do Digestive Advantage’s gummies and capsules compare including probiotics? Two gummies endure better than 10+ bowls of this major brand of cereal, dependent on probiotic survivability testing vs leading cereal manufacturers * (or 2 + cups of their major brands of yogurt if doing yogurt or 10 cups of their major brands of juice). You heard that correctly. Even better, one Digestive Edge capsule will gradually send probiotics to your intestinal tract than 8+ cups of the yogurt or 10 litres of cereal. That means that, with Digestive Edge, you do not have to be worried about each of the surplus fat, sugar, and additives that would go along with downing a enormous quantity of yogurt or cereal.

Just to see just how much cheese to be able to ingest the amount of probiotics in one Digestive Advantage capsule, I would have to consume, a huge bowl filled and then tried to consume it all. Suffice it to say, it didn’t go well. Ten spoonfuls in, I had barely left a dent in it and was already starting to feel full. On the other hand, taking one Digestive Benefit capsule can be a convenient, far more efficient, and sensible alternative. It may be obtained on the go and is the best solution for those who lead busy lifestyles. Along with Digestive Advantage being a far greater choice for those who are lactose intolerant or have to be on a low-carb diet, taking two gummies or just one capsule per day is a lot more cost effective, as you will probably spend less money on additional probiotic-rich foods and will be able to have more variety in your diet as a result.

I am planning on continuing my capsule regimen, after personally experiencing the benefits of Digestive Edge. I will also take their probiotic capsules with me on all of my trips from now on, including my trip. That way, I will have a fast way to support my digestive wellness right. If you are somebody who leads a busy life and wants to do something great I recommend Digestive Advantage. Take 2 gummies, or 1 capsule , daily and let the probiotics within work their magic. Trust me, your gut will thank you.

*This statement has not been rated by the Food and Drug Administration. This item is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.