Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

The Dead Sea is actually. In 1,388 feet under 1,237 ft deep and sea level, this sea will be the lowest point of elevation on the earth’s surface, and the lake of its own kind. Having a 33 percent salt content, it is approximately twice times saltier than your normal ocean. The salt content prevents any development of existence in its own waters, therefore its title. The areas, however, are not anything but dead, and the mineral-rich place produces vegetables of the quality.

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The Dead Sea’s banks have been a center for healing for many centuries, beginning with King Herod the Great in the first century BC. Mud and the salt is famous for its curative properties and the atmospheric pressure helps individuals with respiratory disorders. The area also receives less ultraviolet rays also has an atmosphere containing contaminants and relatively fewer allergens. All these traits combined produce the Dead Sea a refuge for anyone with particular types of disorders and provides a relaxing spa-like retreat.

Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

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In ancient times, the Dead Sea provided minerals utilized for an assortment of duties, for example, embalming of mummies and for potash in fertilizers. Nowadays, salt is harvested by the sea to be used in cosmetics and sachets. The two Israeli and Jordanian businesses have plants. It is not strange to find Dead Sea beauty products sold all over Israel and Jordan. You may buy scrubs, masks, creams and other products made from this body of water.

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Dead Sea Mineral Mud

The Bible tells of folks residing in caves. The Dead Sea Scrolls that were famed, their extensive library of over 900 texts, has been found in 1947. Even the Dead Sea Scrolls have long been subjects of much religious debate, but what is certain is that they provide a glimpse to the religious ideology of the time.  Highway runs through areas across West Bank shores and the Israeli and 90 is the world street.


In recent years, the Dead Sea has been shrinking, as water is diverted by states out of its tributary, the River Jordan. In 2009, Jordan established the Jordan National Red Sea Development Project to try to resolve this problem.

Stay in the Mövenpick Dead Sea Resort

Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

The strategy was supposed to take seawater from the Red Sea, desalinate it, then distribute the new water and then return the brine release into the Dead Sea. It has yet to be seen if this strategy will save the Dead Sea. However, there are loads of approaches to enjoy your time in and around these healing waters.

Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

Into deposits, the salt to that the Dead Sea is famous has slowly gathered over centuries in and around the lake. Not only are those formations magnificent, but they are also able to be therapeutic. The Dead Sea area, in actuality, is an important center for health study. Bask in the Dead Sea’s waters and feel your muscles relaxing that your skin softening and your aches and pains gradually relieving. Simply take some salt home and your own bath to mix to feel these consequences year round.

Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

Do be cautious of diving to the water. You won’t float! The water is so salty that if it gets to the mouth and mind it can be debilitating. Make sure to take a bottle of clean drinking water to avoid any instances. The salt deposits on the stones are sharp look carefully under until you sit on a stone. Shaving your legs, confront or armpits the day you will bathe in the Dead Sea is also not recommended as it could increase your chance for irritation from the powerful salt content in the water. Most bathers choose to utilize goggles and rubber-soled water shoes to avoid any scrapes or uncomfortable stinging around the eyes.

Suggestion: Do not attempt to swim or float on your belly.

Watching the sun fade off to the Dead Sea is a unique experience. The sun sets in Israel’s leadership and the lights of Jerusalem come alive, once the shadow strikes. Arrive a minimum of 20 minutes in advance to capture this natural spectacle.

This sand is not your normal roadside muck, however more like gray clay. Filled with over 35 minerals that were diverse and discovered across the coast, Dead Sea mud was utilized to control the signs of various ailments and skin conditions for centuries.

Coat yourself in a thin coating of Dead Sea sand and bask in sunlight for about one hour or until it dries and becomes hard to the touch. Your beauty treatment is currently practically complete — rinse off your sand mask in the Dead Sea with precaution to your own eyes, mouth and nose to discover the skin will feel.

Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

You’ll find firsthand that although the Dead Sea is oblivious of biological existence, it can offer you a healthy boost and glowing skin.

Since the Dead Sea is approximately nine times more salty than the sea, it’s remarkably buoyant. Swimmers find themselves unable to dive two or more feet since the water only pushes on them back . Float effortlessly on your back and examine your favorite paperback along with a paper. Take your photo with your book choice for your Dead Sea experience’s photographic keepsake.

Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

Tucked away to the Dead Sea’s shores, the Mövenpick Dead Sea Resort is a unique, five-star resort that can turn a trip into a complete and true experience.  The resort is placed in a village atmosphere, surrounded by lush gardens with a breathtaking view of the Dead Sea.

Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

With a total of 346 guestrooms, guests can choose from 10 unique sorts of rooms in the beachfront, the building and the village, each offering a unique view that is magnificent. Many rooms have balcony or a terrace. Non-smoking and smoking rooms are also available, in addition to connecting rooms and rooms for the disabled. The décor in each room is modern yet inviting, with colors reflecting the atmosphere that is soothing. Every room features a telephone number, hairdryer, ac, tea and coffee supplies, a safe, a free mini bar plus a satellite tv.

The resort has a huge variety of dining choices, with nine restaurants and bars to pick from. Inspired by Luigi’s to get a true Italian dinner or enjoy a turf and surf in The Grill. Make your own meal in sample one of the refreshing concoctions of those Juice Bar or Chopsticks.

Take your comfort to the next level and see the lavish Zara Spa of the resort. Dive into one of their many pools, each comprising a saline immersion, or try their Dead Sea flotation pool with water. Indulge yourself on a few of their amazing treatments and neglect that phrase”stress” also exists. The doting staff is ready to gratify you, and all guests of this Zara Spa are treated for the duration of their time in the holiday season.

Top grade Dead Sea beauty products are offered here, and they’re the real deal — that’s, you can make certain that the ingredients came not, although they can get pricey. Be sure to grab the breath-taking orange sunset sitting poolside in the exclusive infinity swimming pool, which is only available to Zara Spa guests of the Zara.

Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

The resort also offers a children’s pool, a fitness room, tennis courts, beach volleyball, a park, a beach sofa infinity swimming pool, children’s activity center and a winter swimming pool.  At least two nights are needed to completely get the Dead Sea and this is just. Allow the Mövenpick wine, dine and relax you as you soak up the sun inside your own body mud mask.

Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

The Dead Sea simply can’t compare to a normal day at the shore. Only take a small dip into the sea and you will see why. The high salt content makes the water extremely debilitating and extremely buoyant as it pertains to contact so be cautious! However, benefit from the feeling of being lighter than air and effortlessly floating in its tranquil waters.

Even the Mövenpick Dead Sea Resort is a first class institution, situated near the ocean and the shore. The spa offers a superb way and might compete with the curative powers of the ocean itself. I felt much better than I had in a long time. The resort has the feel of a village, full but with all the creature comforts.

Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

The Dead Sea area is not a budget-friendly destination. The historical religious and therapeutic significance of the place makes it a sought-after destination for both travelers and Europeans. The resorts around the Dead Sea are opulent and pricy. But if you want to splurge on a experience while in Jordan, there is no better choice compared to the Dead Sea. It is truly like no other place in the world.

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GMT +2

Getting around: An cab from Aqaba may be hired to haul you to the Dead Sea, that will run you around 100 JD. The street leading into and from the Dead Sea is that the Dead Sea Highway, that provides stunning scenery.

In general, the streets of Jordan are busy and clogged, which means you can find it trying to try and push yourself. If you are not utilized to driving in the Middle East, It’s best to stick to car or bus rents. White flights have fixed routes and are common between passengers. Yellow taxis are private. Even though nearly all flights are fitted with meters, agree to a price before taking away, especially during the night. Women shouldn’t sit in the front seat of a cab. Tipping is not required, but is valued.

Visa: A pre-determined tourist destination can be bought upon arrival in the airport. A single-entry visa costs 20 JDs ($30). A visa can be extended in any police station.

Shopping: The Mövenpick Dead Sea Resort along with Also a host of other Dead Sea hotels have Dead Sea beauty products Available.

Exfoliating scrubs, eye serums, face creams and soaps are sold throughout the area. Shopping boutiques and malls are scarce.

Tips for shopping: whilst shopping in markets, bargaining prices is expected but don’t expect over just a 30% reduction of the original price. Wait till he is performed before asking him some questions if you see a store owner praying. As a rule of thumb, the more brilliant you seem, the more you will pay for any item; so you may want to leave the fancy watch in the hotel safe. Maintain a close eye on your possessions. You don’t wish to attract pickpockets. The very best advice: love yourself!

Hours of performance: Many businesses including banks and government offices are closed on Fridays and Saturdays. Thursday afternoons, other businesses also shut. Normal shop hours are 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and again from 3:30 to 6 p.m. Most museums are closed on Tuesdays. Closure times are common during the month of Ramadan.


Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

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Things to Do in the Dead Sea, Jordan