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The main tourist activity in Rwanda, Uganda, and the DRC is in fact gorilla tourism and other activities include golden monkey tracking and hiking tours. People book flights to these countries from all over the world just to catch a glimpse of a gorilla family while they trek through the dense jungles of Africa.


Most first-time campers think that their tent is just a temporary make-shift shelter, but it’s actually something that will serve several purposes: a place to sleep, change your clothes, protection from the elements, etc. Knowing how to make a proper selection can make a world of difference and can change your entire outlook on camping. The first thing to consider should be the type of weather expected on the dates of your camping trip. If the weather is expected to be a fair, then a lightweight collapsible tent may be acceptable. But to avoid any uncertainties it is always safer to purchase a three-season tent to counter the occasional summer shower or cold snap. The weight of the tent should also play a major role in its selection. Since camping mostly involves hiking, dragging a heavy tent pack can often be tiring and exhaustive. So, opting for the light-weight tent with the least amount of stakes will be a prudent decision to make while choosing the best tents for camping. Remember it’s always better to opt for one that contains a waterproof travel case rather than cramming the whole thing inside a bag.

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Tour Little Rajasthan, Decker Lane, along with Shobhabazar, Shyambazar to Get Kolkata street food!

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Stop by the Roman Museum

Malawi’s geography is varied- mountains, rolling hills, flat plains, rainforest, marshlands and forests comprise the landscape of this beautiful country. Lake Malawi is the third largest lake in Africa and holds over 1,000 species of colorful cichlid fish. It’s about the size of Belgium and is what sets Malawi apart from other landlocked African nations.

Stop by the Roman Museum

Traditional Foods for Holidays and Special Occasions

In El Valle de Anton, do the La India Dormida hike.

You’ll find amazing views and numerous waterfalls.

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Across the square is the Blue Mosque. Its name comes from the blue tiles used to decorate the interior. Nearby sits the stunning 15th century Topkapi Palace that served as the home and governmental seat for the Ottoman sultans until the 1850s. A tour will reveal beautiful stonework and intricately decorated staterooms, as well as a crown jewel and Imperial treasury exhibition.